Camping, Hassayampa River, 12/29-12/31


2006 Expedition Trophy Champion
Tacozona and I, along with our wives and maybe a few other guests, will be camping at the Hassayampa river (North of Wikenburg, where the 2006 ExPo Trophy was held) from 12/29-12/31.

Coordinates are 34 02.597N 112 42.214W

We might do a little wheeling, but we'll definately be doing some chillin' and throwing some horse shoes and maybe even some extreme croquet.

If anyone wants to get out of town for a while and stop by, you know where we'll be. We'll monitor CB channel 4 and FRS 4(10)

:truck: :tent: :1888fbbd: :camping:

Post up if you think you'll join us, or just show up...


aventurero, Overland Certified OC0012
My wife & I will definitely be there. I'll try not to pack up so much stuff this time!!

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