Camping "Bible" for Mexico


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I have used it, the book is decent. Yet, it lacks a lot of good info plus is outdated. Some of the locations mentioned in the book I was unable to find.
We used the Church's book and though what RMP&O says is indeed true, there is no better guide available for overlanders/RVers in Mexico. There is no such thing as a perfect guide book, that is why we have several and we read blogs and talk to other overlanders :)

The Church's drive around Mexico all the time (we just missed them a few times when we drove through) and they try to update the book, but places close as quickly as they open... We found out from fellow overlanders that two of our favorite campsites (that we always recommend) are now closed :(

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Christian P.

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I have been doing some planning using the guide - looks like this is a must for everyone who plans to camp through Mexico!
Check their website before you leave the U.S.. A lot of places have closed in the last few years and there are few things as frustrating as arriving to a destination that isn't there anymore :)