Camping between Lewiston, Id and Missoula???


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Hey y'all!
I'll be driving this route in a few days and am wondering if any of you know any sweet spots to sleep in the truck between Lewiston, ID and Missoula, MT?
Any tips would be much appreciated!


Idaho wildfires

I'd check InciWeb and the specific Idaho and Montana NF web pages for notice of closure before making any off-highway travel and camping plans. Particularly on the Idaho side, there are some land access closures in effect, and they'll change frequently until the area gets a "season ending" rain.



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Not really on the route per se but if you are in the Lewiston area there are some free BLM campgrounds on the Snake River about 15 miles out of Clarkston on Hwy 193. Really quiet other than the occasional train.

Closures are going to be a big issue. Walmarts are an option. DO NOT recommend the one in Clarkston as the RV parking area is near the entrance and that place is busy all night long. The Moscow Walmart has a quiet area in the back corner.

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Im right in Moscow

We do have some road closures in the area due to fire and smoke.
I wouldnt venture to far off the beaten path due to fire dangers.

The Moscow walmart is a good tip.

And on your way into MT from Idaho, Lookout Pass is an easy, free overnight spot to stop.


LOLO Hwy 12 is excellent road, beautiful and has camping. At Lowell there is a motel with camping at the junction of the Selway and Clearwater Rivers. A few more miles past the Selway you'll find a small store and restaurant

If you want a quite campsite turn up the Selway River Rd. , doesn't get any better than that. Wish I was up there now.

the farther up river you go the better



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Up Hwy 12, take Selway River road a dead end (pretty much) but well worth it for camping even if you need to backtrack to hwy 12 - lots of places along the river.

Past Lowell, Wilderness Gateway campground - park in the horse trailer/backcountry area to explore on foot - feeling adventurous, Stanley hot springs is about six mile hike in from there, almost elevation gain is in the first 1/2 mile.

Lotsa other places towards Missoula, Weir Crk, Colgate Warm Springs (camp across hwy 12 along river) and Stanley hot springs - day use only, camp nearby


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and Stanley hot springs - day use only,

That should read "Jerry Johnson Hot Springs" instead - Stanley is closer to Wilderness Gateway


Meandering Idaho
The Rapid fire jumped 30,000 acres yesterday.
The smoke from these fires makes breathing outside a pain and driving challenging.
Lightning storms last night......

It is NOT a good time to be off pavement in that part of idaho right now.

There is more fires up near the selway and grangeville currently.

In short if there is any fire any where near you dont go.

Again One of our fires crew in size by 30,000 acres in less then 24 hours.


I just returned from a couple weeks in Missoula, Salmon, ID, and various other spots in that neighborhood. Perhaps things have cleared up, but, with all the smoke and temps in the 90s (western MT), you really wouldn't want to hang out there until things cool down...