Camper Shell Cost


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Hey guys, I’m looking at possibly replacing my softopper with a fiberglass shell. I was just trying to get an idea what make and model people are going with and costs? I know it will very by area but and ideas would be great.


A new fiberglass topper from ARE, Snugtop or Leer (the brands I've owned and recommend) will run $2,000+ depending on options. Shopping used is a really good way to go, but toppers have become very specific to truck models and years and then there is color matching. I was able to snag a used ARE that specced out at $2,200 new for $300. However, it was used by a cow insemination service, and I'm still having insemination straws drop out of nooks and crannies. Anyway, try Craigslist and you may get lucky.


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My last three toppers I bought used off of Craigslist, most I ever paid was about $300. However, for my current Ford I bit the bullet and bought new because finding a used topper with the features I wanted would have been impossible (specifically the win-doors) and because I didn't have time to wait for a used topper of the right size to come up on CL.

The biggest PITA of a topper is having to crawl into the bed to get stuff that's all the way in the front and the win-doors make that a lot easier since you can access the front of the bed through the win-doors.

If you shop around you may find a place that is offering some discounts. I paid around $2400 OTD for mine. I think the base price for my very basic topper started around $1800.


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I’ll check offer up, never head of the other. I’ve gotten 3 off Craig’s list for my last generation f150, just can’t find one for my 2019


Not sure about other areas but forget trying to find one for a decent price for a newer gen truck around here.

If I were to get a shell, I’d get an aluminum model. Super light (they said 80lbs), and around $1k brand new. I like the look better as well.


Cow insemination service?

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Big business out here. If you look real closely at my topper in the right light, you can make out “Happy Cows, Happy Life” from where vinyl lettering covered the paint. It is a classic to be sure.


I paid around $1,800 for mine brand new. My 06 Sierra is Greystone Metallic with a 5'8" bed. That being said, I could not find one in the size and color for a real fit.

My 05 Silverado was white with a 6' bed, and I paid about $700 for the same brand and style (Leer). The GMC one looks new, has a removable window for cleaning at the cab, and warrantied. The Silverado one had some chips on the edges and did not have a removable window. One of the sliders was also seized in place. I also had to RTV the 3rd brake light into place as it was falling out.

Depending how nice you want the truck to look, and how picky you may be on options, attention to detail, etc I would say ordering one is a great idea, even more so with a specific color. If you have a common color and size, search around on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and Offer Up.

I love my Leer; pop out glass by the cab, perfect color match, slider windows with screens, carpeted inside, and metal frame back window with locks.

The used one did the job, the new one has been perfect.