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New to me Travl Lite 825 SL. Cut the side and modified to make it fit on my 02 F350 with Royal Sport utility box limited to 48" x 96". Relocated propane from camper into rear passenger utility box, using (2) 11 lb vs. the (1) 20 lb.

Gutted bath, removed black and grey tank, stupid looking waste off the back that stuck out like a sore thumb, changed cassette toilet. Adding 30 gal grey where spare is currently mounted, working on swing away mount for spare off bumper. Added outdoor hot-cold shower where propane door was.

Found an 18" x 32" stainless sink that will now be my new shower. Getting the propane tank out really opened up the bath, and despite losing 5 -1/2" down low, it feels bigger than before.

Someday I will camp in it :)



Been a busy few years since I've been on here. Putting together a new rig lately, I think it'll be a fun one.

Don't mind the ratchet straps, camper is new to us, waiting on the happijac mounts to come in.
Anyhow it's a tc800 northstar built for a short bed truck. Fits really well on the 6-3/4 ft ford bed. Definitely had to spend our first night in the yard. Can't wait to get in some local trips this fall.
Truck is a 350 with the 6.2 and 4.30 gears. Ex TVA truck, came with a warn 15k winch, some brand new nitto mud treads, and a nice inverter under the back seat. Most of its life was/is a work truck, pulls a dump trailer alot. Does great with the camper, glad I opted for the 350 and 4.30 gearing, it wasn't super easy to find in a short box.

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