Camp Tables - What are you using?


Curious what camp tables you use, other than tailgates! I can't remember the brand of the one I use but it rolls up and has four legs and two cross pieces that roll up with it. You screw the legs in. Great top but the legs are a little wobbly.


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I use an Academy Sports 6' folder. The Academy tables are a little thinner & lighter than similar tables. I have a 5' square truck bed, and I carry it flat on the bed floor. It's plenty solid to stand on while stored flat, and doesn't get in the way.

It replaced a 5' Walmart folder that was finally getting ratty enough that I use it as a work table.
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I’m in the process of building a steel table right now. Something more like countertop than table, if all goes well I’ll have pictures next week. Think lightweight expanded metal lawn furniture, with folding legs. Probably 21 or 30 x 72 inches at 35 or 36” tall. I’ll design a slot in my RTT rack to slide it into.

The choice of steel follows the beginning signs of melting my little 2x4 folder that stores under my cargo slide.


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Oh good lord I've been through tables. It's like the single toughest piece of gear I've found to be happy with.

First was the tried and true Lifetime table. It's a great table but it's huge folded, made of the slickest material on earth to try and fasten down inside a vehicle, and it's heavy. But freaking great at being a table. It's been used at several family pitch ins, but I am very reluctant to take it camping now.

Well thinking lighter and compact is better, I seen this folding chair style table and thought it was cool as hell. After a few trips with it, I hate it. It sucks at being a table. No matter how tight you get it the top is spongy and it's low to the ground. About the only thing it's great at is maybe a laptop table.

Then I tried this GCI like CSG above has, it's okay depending on the situation. I still use it on some trips where I figure a picnic table might be nearby but not handy to the truck. It's too small to like fix a meal on but it's handy to have around. It is still oddly shaped when folded and can be tough to find a spot for.

My latest and maybe favorite so far, this kind of checks several boxes. It's big enough, high enough, rigid top, and packs in a long slender shape I can secure somewhere even though it's not small.


Started our with a Roll-a-Table, like KENPERK's. Pretty good table for canoe camping but I didn't care for it as a cook table. I was always worried about the vinyl cover on the top and it wasn't really sturdy enough for cooking around people who might be slightly intoxicated.

Then went to a folding table, like this Coleman, for a good 10 years. A good sturdy lightweight table but as I got older cooking at table top height started bothering my back.

So then I went with this Crazy Creek Adjustable table. It can be easily adjusted to counter top height and can be leveled spot on without blocks in most locations. The one negative to this table is the small top. With my Everest stove on top there is very little work space, with a smaller or single burner stove it would work fine.

I just got the new Mesa Camp Table (yeah, redundant) from Camp Chef. At 22 pounds its by far the heaviest of the lot but once set up it's sturdy as hell. The push button adjustment is only 4 levels at 3" intervals so it will require leveling blocks but it adjusts to almost a perfect cook height, and even higher if you like. I may drill some additional holes in the legs to make leveling a little easier.
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We like our Mesa. Adjusts to coffee table height, dinner table height, cooking hight, standing height. Might be nice if it had infinite adjustments with cam locks but it hasn’t been an issue. We carry shims to level the cook stove which helps. Breaks down nicely for our rig. I think it was ~$90 at a local outdoor store?


I have a ”Lifetime” folding table 24”x48”. Its steel frame with blow moulded HDPE top. Not lightweight, about 20lbs. very sturdy and adjustable legs. It works great but... despite a mild moulded texture surface, its fairly slippery. It needs to be reasonably level or else stuff placed upon it wont feel secure against sliding off.
this is a really good table. I just throw a towel over it. Thinking about applying truck bed liner or something on it for a permanent fix. Just not sure if it will bond to the HDPE


I think if you just wipe it down with Acetone or brake cleaner it will soften the surface and become sticky, although it becomes a PITA to clean.
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