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I’m thinking of getting a lodge camp stove, anyone else use one? I used to use a Coleman but I prefer the taste of charcole cooked food, I even got rid of my gas grill for a big green egg. I thought about the big green egg mini but I’m worried about it tipping over and breaking in the back of my truck. Any recommendations?




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If you want a small, portable charcoal grill Snow Peak makes an awesome one. I use it every time I go out. Only big enough for two people IMO. They do have one that is twice the size, but it has no cover. Last week I slow-grilled two filet mignon steaks on it. Totally awesome. (y)
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I had one in the past, assuming you are referring to the sportsman grill. I love cast iron and use Lodge frequently but I didn’t like this at all and ended up sending it to Goodwill. It was very heavy and unbalanced to carry, didn’t seem to get hot enough (no idea why), was sort of a pain to clean and maintain, and ultimately just never used. I candidly ditched my Weber Smokey Joe (small size) as with the lid on the center coals burn hot but the edges go out and as a hibachi it was too big.

I just sponsored the fold down Nomad Grill on Kickstarter so fingers are crossed.


I have the lodge and absolutely love it. It is my go to grill currently. As one poster was referring the design does not lend to portability. Nothing "nest" on the stove, and it is rather unbalanced when carried by the handle. I do take it camping though, and would love to have a dedicated box to place it in.

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Someone will think I am sponsored by Volcano but you really can't beat it. I have been using one for almost 7 years now. Totally adjustable and uses minimal charcoal and you can us propane when there are fire restrictions.

I second the Volcano Grill. When I first got mine I didn't like it that much. I thought it was too heavy and had too many parts, so I would really mistreat it in hopes that it would break. Seven years later this thing still works


Thanks for the info guys! I really liked that volcano grill! Well my wife got me the lodge sportsman grill for Father’s Day... so it looks like lodge it is. I’ll let you all know how I like it.


Grills..oh how I love and hate them. Lets face it, grilled food is awesome, but the nature of grilling is hard on the grill itself. The constant cleaning and difficult cleaning at that. They all eventually fail, its just the nature of the beast. That being said that simple cast iron unit will most likely outlive most. Happy Father's Day and have a good seared something for all of us and enjoy that Lodge.


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I wish you’d have titled this “Camp Grill” instead of “camp stove”. Would have saved me a click. LOL!

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