Camp Chef Pro 90X.....

Anybody got one & how do you use yours ? Any tips, I just picked one up & the full width griddle & rolling carry bag. Mine will be used at home mostly but come with us when we go camping & bring the Power Wagon. I plan to use it for canning as well, once i get all the stuff i need for that. I now have a stove that I can use the 36 cup coffee/tea/water pot. Will probably end up getting the 2 burner griddle as well, for camping.


lost on the mainland
my griddle (2 burner) got rusty :( have to grind it off re season but it was awesome before that happened
my bad for it happening though some life stuff happened and got ignored for a month outside

I love mine at home though use it a lot not sure how long I have had it ? 8 years maybe ?

I do think I need to clean mine not sure where the air intake is or if it has one to balance out the burners ? but sure it does have some kinda jet or something as my one burner is a bit funky my dials have warn off not a big deal
I am loving it so far. It is big & heavy but I knew that going in. Hard to cook on low when really windy. I will look into making a better wind shield. The 3 roller carry bag was a good buy. Makes transporting much easier for 1 person. The one thing I didn't like was: the right side shelf was not even close to being level. From reviews, it seems a common problem. It took me most of a day & 1 trip into town to fix, but it is level now. Just poor QC, IMHO. Shelves rests on carry handles. Carry handles are secured with roll pins, that go through the handle & onto a tab. If tab was welded in the right position in the first place, it would be a non-issue. So, after some drilling on top side of holes, some new roll pins & a tweak with a 36" pry bar, all is well.

This thing cooks a LOT of food VERY fast. Home fries-from raw to done in 10 minutes or less. I cooked 1 lb of bacon, 6 large potatoes/homefries, a pile of veggies & a dozen scrambled eggs w/the veggies. 10-15 tops, from start to finish. Gonna be great for cooking up large quantities & then vacuum sealing it.

Honu---try using some compressed air to clean out the burners & tubes, there is a spider that loves the smell of propane & makes nests in them. I have to clean my Webber gas grill every year, from those spiders. Tiny little things. Same with my campers refrigerator burner & hot water burner. Air works good (120 psi).
I have the big gas grill. Same set up just a different accessory package. I have the two burner griddle, two burner grill, and pizza oven. It lives in the fifth wheel. I have put hundreds of pounds of propane through it. still cooks great. I did machine jack screws in the legs to help level it.
Junkinduck ---

It has plastic levelers in all 4 legs. Did you replace them with steel ones ? If so, could you please post a close up pic of the machine jack screws you used &/or a link as to where i could purchase them. More HD is always better.

We have the Expedition 3x.Had it for 7 years. It goes everywhere with us. It has gone on vacation,yearly trips to Texas , and sat in the backyard every year in Wyoming winters. Just had to rep[lace the grill box as the bottom rusted thru. This thing is great until the wind gets up.
Yup, loving this thing the more i use it. Cooked up 10 lbs of potatoes & 10 lbs of onions in no time, then cooked a 5 lb bag of Sahlens hot dogs. Start to finish in less than/about 30 minutes. It really does have "professional level heat."