Camp Chef positive plug


So, we have a Camp Chef Pro90X 3 burner stove. It was bought new, bought the 3 wheel padded rolling case & 3 burner griddle. It's over 5 years old, I no longer had the receipt. It's been stored inside garage, not exposed to UV light, in padded case, only used 4x, by me. I meticulously take care of my gear. Upon the 4th use, I smelled gas after hooking hose & regulator to propane tank. I figured I didn't tighten it up enough. So I tried to tighten it up a little more and the black plastic knob broke off.

So I emailed Camp Chef and told them I know that there is no warranty and it's over 5 years old but I felt because it failed the 4th time I used it & everything I said above, & that's not reasonable or acceptable. New part will be sent out when back in stock. Kudos to Camp Chef for standing behind their products.

There are far too many American companies that always blame the customer or have endless computer generated voices or can never even talk to a real human. Good on you Camp Chef !