Camp Chef Everest or Eureka Spire LX Two Burner


Looking for a good second stove that I can hook up to a 5 gal tank. I like the Spire LX since I can daisy chain with the other Eureka/Jet Boil components I have. Open for suggestions.


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Reviving an old thread here...any responses? I am looking at the same 2 stoves. Camp chef everest seems more robust and durable. Eureka Spire might be more packable and has daisy chain thing (is that a marketing gimmick?) but not as much power and not as much cooking surface. Have I got that about right? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, input, or advise.


Built in daisy chain looks great on paper. But a T splitter is dirt cheap. If that's your only reason for going with that model you can save a lot with a simple splitter.


I have a Camp Chef Everest. I am pleased with it's performance. I have a Tee that I can mount on the propane tank and run three different propane-fueled devices.