Camp Chef Bulk Propane Pressure


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I have a Camp Chef Everest two burner stove that I've been using with the 1lb high pressure green bottles. I really like this stove since I get 20k BTU per burner so it's great for searing steaks with a cast iron pan.

I've recently purchased a 10lb bulk propane tank which I mount to outside of my jeep, and I had a local propane company build me a custom propane line which connects from the propane tank to the hard-pipe regulator that came with my stove.

It does work, but I feel like I'm not getting enough pressure and I can only use one burner and not both at the same time. Not sure if that's an issue with the custom line (build or length), or the propane tank, or if I need something else to get the right pressure to my stove. I'm going to recheck with a green bottle just to make sure that still works. The propane line doesn't have any other pressure regulatory on it. If I open pressure to tank all the way, and turn a single burner on all the way, it's a pretty mild flame compared to the 'jet engine' sound I used to get.

Any ideas? I hope I can still use the Camp Chef Everest stove, but if that's the problem I can flip out the stove if needed to a partner stove.

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No regulator at the tank?

Stop into a local propane guy to check the line gauge may be too narrow, those stoves do require lots more than most camp stoves.


I have a camp chef stove too (forget the model). Like you, I only ever used the green cylinders until I got one of those Little Buddy heaters (which also run off the little propane bottles. But....) At the hardware store, right next to the heaters were hoses that let you connect the heater to a larger propane tank. Turns out, it also connects a big tank to the "arm" from the stove that usually connects to the little green bottles. I've used it for a couple summers now and it's always worked perfectly. Might want to try that out and see what happens.

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Looking at your pictures though, that hose wouldn't be near long enough which may be your problem. I'm guessing the run is too long and the tank doesn't have the oomph .


The liquid produces it's own pressure, so it shouldnt matter whether it's a pound, 10 pounds or 50 pounds. That only matters if you pull enough volume that it pulls liquid out of the cylinder. I'd guess there is a constriction in the hose, either diameter or it's maybe an OPD valve and the supply hose isnt.


Make sure the hose is fully tightened onto the bottle? Take off completely and reattach. Don't ask me how I know this. I swore I did it right but?

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Make sure the stove is off before you open the tank. It confuses the pressure regulator if your valves are open when you open the tank.

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I am not a propane expert by any means, but I have watched King of the Hill. You stated that you are hooking to the hard pipe regulator that came with the stove?

1) those are known to fail occasionally... You need to eliminate that variable from your troubleshooting
2) you may be getting liquid out of the tank that is causing an excess flow to trip in your overfill device. In my opinion, regulating at the tank is better when you can do it...

I would recommend that you troubleshoot by hooking the same tank up to a BBQ. An Everest with 2 (20k btu) burners on high lows about as much gas as 4 typical home BBQ (10k btu) burners. If that works, let it burn about an hour to burn off some gas, then try it with the Everest again. Your tank might be too full.


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Turn the stove off. Remove and refit the regulator at the tank. Turn the regulator at the tank on slowly. Turn the stove on slowly.

Same thing used to happen to my BBQ regularly until I finally bought a decent quality regulator and hose.


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Correct, the propane line from the tank connects to the rigid regulator that came with the stove. Since it's a freshly filled new talk I'm going to burn off some gas and see if that helps. I guess I'll need to do a test with some pork belly slices. As some type of yummy scientific experiment n' all.


I have a camp chef “big gas grill” three burner 30,000 BTU per burner. I decided I wanted to fuel it from the quick connect on my 5th wheel. The quick connect is regulated at the 30 pound tank in the camper. I bought a hose that eliminated the regulator at the stove and coupled it to the camper. I could not run more than one burner at a time with this setup. I just couldn’t get the flow I needed through the hose and piping. After all the money and time I am still carrying a 20# tank in addition to what is on the camper. Traded the hose to a buddy for him to try.


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I was going to run some tests this week but since I live in San Diego it would be a dork move to fire up a propane grill with the high winds 'n all. Winds have died down so I'll test tomorrow. I also have a 20# tank that I use for a fire pint and I know it's about half full so I'll test with that tank also.

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For what it's worth I'm also in San Diego area with a Camp Chef Everest and available to swap out parts and or pieces to help you isolate the offending part. PM me if interested