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I believe I posted in this thread some time ago but here's an update on my thoughts about chairs. I started out with a 25-year-old webbed lawn chair that probably cost $5 at the time. I graduated to a Helinox Sunset chair, which seemed good but too narrow in the waist area. Lost a lot of weight and the Sunset fit better. Got tired up unpacking and packing the Sunset chair and starting simplifying my gear. Most recently, I went back to the old lawn chair! I find it as comfortable as anything else I've tried, though I do add a padded folding hiking seat for comfort. Instructions: (1) Remove chair from vehicle. (2) Open and place on ground. (3) Sit and think about all the money you've saved by not buying a Helinox or Kermit chair.

. . . However, you can't really lounge in a lawn chair. So this summer I got a hammock and learned to set it up properly. Now THAT is heavenly and I highly recommend it for napping, reading, and hanging out.


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Going to try the Alps Escape Chair next...the search continues.
I am very happy with the Alps Escape chairs! I am using them without the foot rests and these are just what I was looking for...laid back but tall enough to easily get in and out of without having to sit on the ground.


I went with a Helinox Sunset just due to needing to save weight and space. They’re lighter and smaller than my regular folding camp chairs. Yes they’re more of a pain to set up, but after a few times it gets pretty fast (Or I’ve forgotten how fast other chairs are!).

I think it’s pretty comfy, and they have a beach version which is the same frame just different legs so it’s closer to the ground with fatter feet for the sand.

I also have the Helinox knockoff, Cascade Mountain Tech. They don't have the same stability or quality as the Helinox, but I don’t think the Helinox is $100+ better. If you do go Helinox definitely shop around for a sale or use an REI 20% coupon to help soften the blow.
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