Camp bed time, what’s your set up


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Build a real room. Put in a full size bed. Layer sleeping bags. Keep a door open.
Park, roll into bed.

Rain in the morning, roll out of bed, drive away.
Zero setup.



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I just picked up this new sleeping pad from Nemo. Haven't slept on it yet but it looks promising. There are two sizes.


Being 6'9" and over 300lbs it was tough to find a something that would work. RTTs where nice but to much hassle with going up and down the ladder at night for my wife and space was cramped at best.

We purchased a tent and are using Teton XXL Cots with their pad, and bags. Rated for up to 600lbs and I can lay down and be comfortable since they are basically 7' long. With their bag and pad they are very comfortable more so than anything I had in a RTT.



Another for MegaMat! I bought it a few years ago for myself as I was the only one going out. I think Ive used it once since. Now my daughter comes with me and I use my Thermarest Trail Pro. Its OK but not as comfy as the Megamat. My wife came camping with us for the first time and she loved it too. Another one may be in my future. Its big, but way worth it. Unless you are backpacking, the extra money is worth the good sleep.
If you are on a budget, I would also recommend the Trail Pro. If the Megamat is a 10/10, the Trail Pro is a 8/10. Not quite as comfy and a little thinner, but I still sleep pretty good on it