Camp bed time, what’s your set up


Jet Tent Bunker with a pad. Best night sleep camping ever. Many times I do t use the fly.
Whew---mighty close to the edge of that cliff. Very nice cot tent and photo, though. For those who would like something similar but lighter and cheaper (the Jet Tent Bunker is 40 lbs), I have a suggestion: place a small tent on top of a cot. I would choose the Camptime Roll-a-Cot (10 lbs) and something like the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 (5 lbs). I tried that once and it worked pretty well even though I had to make do with the materials at hand in the field. The head and foot of the tent need to be supported somehow (used my hiking poles). The sides of the tent do sag down off the cot, but that didn't do any harm.


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being a "big ole boy" myself i can relate

i began using the 2" Thermarest pad(thickness determined by carrying space for it) in the early 1980's when canoe/ground camping in a tent

at first i HATED it and went back to REI where i got it

that's when i was taught how to inflate it for maximum comfort

let it expand and then blow it up to TIGHT(10-15± extra puffs)

lay on it on your side and allow air to slowly escape until your shoulder and hip just barely begin to touch ground

get off and give it 1/2 a good puff and secure the valve

as time went on and i was camping from a larger hauler i got the 3.5" pad from LL Bean and that was real comfort

when i began doing ADV motorcycle camping i opted for an XL ExPed SynMat and the UltraLite Cot which together took up considerably space in my kit than even the 2" CampRest pad

the ExPed mat is/was slighty noisy butt my CPAP unit drowns it out

in addition to being big i'm somewhat older than many and really do believe in a good night's rest

if i can't sleep in my hammock(summer time only any more) my next choice now is the ExPed on the low slung cot(i think ThermaRest bought UltraLite out)




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I prefer buying the widest , thickest, self inflating mat available. I personally use a Therm A Rest Mondo King XL, which is excellent. But i weigh 13.25 stone.

I have no advice for the man weighing 20 stone.


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Wow lots of replies, and advice thanks for that! Some great pictures too!

Well it looks like an Exped Megamat is the choice for the majority, I must be honest it even looks very comfy on a picture, a bit on the pricey side but provided it gives a good sleep and lasts for a few seasons it’s got to be worth it.

An exped mat on a oztent king goanna stretcher is also another thought I’ve had but it’s the room taken up that puts me off.

It’s not an easy quest for a big ole boy, my son for an 11 year old is very lanky and slim build, and of course he can sleep on a chickens lip!!!

I also didn’t know the inflation routine for the thermarest, going to give that one a try.

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I'm 6-1 220lbs. I used to do the thermarest and similar small air mattresses. Then we had a popup tent trailer for a while and liked the foam mattresses...but I toss and turn a lot no matter where I sleep, and I didn't like the trailer movement. So, we're back to tent camping but now with a queen-sized, 4-inch, memory foam, tri-fold mattress. Best camping purchase ever. Fits perfectly in the tent and we both get a good night's sleep.


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Being a big man 6ft and 20st it’s not an easy obstacle to overcome.
I’ve got the thermarest mats and they seem ok but still lack comfort.
You don't mention yer age, but at 63, I like sleeping in a BED !! So I built my TearDrop around a full size 60x80x8" deep mattress. Plus 2 winter expedition and 1 three seaon sleeping bags. With a cross breeze thru the open doors it is more comfortable than any bed in the house. I just pick how many layers I want.

And I love, park, roll into bed, zero set up.
Even better on rainy mornings, sleep in, roll out of bed, drive away, zero packing.



Yet another vote for the Exped Megamat, the largest version for wife and I - hundreds of nights without a leak or a problem. Got that repair kit still for the inevitable day.

Could sleep on it every night of the year.