Cam timing check on a 3.0 hardbody


Subject is a hardbody pickup.
My buddy who owns it ran it out of gas, after refueling and changing fuel filter engine still runs rough and is not driveable.
He says it backfired a couple times, so I am wondering about the possibility of a slipped timing belt?
I know nothing about these V6 engines other than it is a 3.0 with a throttle body and I have not personally looked at it yet, but am committed to helping him repair it.
Any diagnostic help is appreciated.


More likely the injectors got hit by some crap that made it past the filter, or crap that got introduced during the filter change.


That is my hope.
I talked to him today and he said it did run OK even after the backfires, so maybe a good fuel line flush, throttle body and injector cleaning will get him back on the road.
Now I just need to research how the injectors are mounted in the throttle body and how to clean them.
I think I will test the fuel pressure and make sure the pump did not get choked up with crap too.

Any other suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

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A slipped timing belt seems unlikely, though the backfires suggest timing issues. More likely is a damaged fuel pump. It may run for a little while and then permanently fail.


Thought I would update, although progress has been slow due to vehicle owners busy schedule.
Fuel pump pressure checked and held 34 or 43 lbs for over 10 minutes, it was to specifications.
Fuel pressure regulator return line and vacuum line checked out good.
EGR valve is functioning properly.
Sprayed carb cleaner down the throttle body throat and it started to improve, it will now idle for more than 15 seconds before stalling.
I am beginning to think the heater grid beneath the throttle body is dirty.
I plan to check the plug wires also. 2 of the plugs are dark and the other 4 are firing fine.
We will probably do cap, rotor and wires. Plugs have been replaced.
Is it worthwhile to rebuild the throttle body and clean the injectors, or is the heater grid a major culprit?
Once we get it to idle for a few minutes, I will check the timing.