Calling gen 2 MY '97 owners - catalytic converter photo & measurements needed


Can someone with a Gen 2 1997 take a picture of the catalytic converter as wide as you can to get as much of the exhaust system as possible, and measure the length of the catalytic converter from one flange to the other.

I have a 99 and I would like to know if this bolt in option for a catalytic converter replacement will work comma even though it's for a 97. The 97 and 99 both have the same single overhead cam engine and I would also like to think they have the same exhaust system layout.

If this 97 option doesn't work I may have to go with a universal and weld and slash or pack up my existing exhaust to make the universal one work.

97 bolt in option: https://www.catalyticconvertersonli...ct-fit-replacement-catalytic-converter-118037

99 universal option: https://www.catalyticconvertersonli...versal-replacement-catalytic-converter-108236

One concerned with the bolt in option is that my actual catalytic converter that I pulled out of my 99 has the opposite flange on the engine side compared to the picture above. You can see in my attachments that my 99 catalytic converter has the studs, whereas the for the 97 bolt in option contains the plate that the studs go through.




I suppose the other thing I will need to know is if the picture you send is from a California emissions vehicle or a federal elastics p emissions equipped.

I have a federal vehicle, and am wondering if the flanges are reversed to make it more difficult to bolt a federal contender on to a California car.

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Well, this is a helpful tool to find approved cats:

I would like to get the 97 direct fit vs the 99 universal, but they are supposed to stamp the part number on the housing of the cat.... so the smog guy can look it up to see if it is in the approved cat list for the car....

So, guess I'll just go with universal and weld something up to fit.... perhaps I can scavenge the flanges from my old cat for the new one.

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