Callen campers back business?


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I bought a radius sided one brand new for $500 for my '89 Chevy 3500.
It was at Valley Campers in Escondido. The prior owner's wife couldn't see out the rear windows.
I had a couple others also.
Hopefully,with Jim's oversight the quality will come back.

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Has anyone contacted Jim Callen yet? I am hoping to get them to freshen up my rear barn doors and install a ladder on my driver side one. Reading about their past customer service issues is making me nervous to be the guinea pig haha.


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Nice write up on your truck and trips. In May of 1988 my friend and I drove the north road in his F-250. We got stuck in the mud flats and a Mexican guy with a Chevy 1/2 ton stepside and our snatchum strap boinged us out. That was a long day. El Rosario to Scorp with about an hour of daylight left.
Our friends had been sitting in the dirt for two weeks,zilch for surf. Back then there were only four camps with perfect tides and a 3-5ft swell breaking for 5-6 days.
Anyway back to the present. I don't know of anyone who's contacted Callen but the Craigslist indicates Jim will answer. I'm sure they can accomplish a tune up on your camper.
Keep surfing!
PS. I think those racks are as heavy as the campers.

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It's a miracle!

Whoa! That's amazing!!

Happy to hear Callen campers will be back in production- I love mine! Picked it up second hand a few years ago, have used it from Death Valley to end of Baja with lots of shorter trips in between. Get a lot of questions and compliments from people who like the look.

There are plenty of the old styles around here- they last forever. Good to know some fresh models will be appearing soon.

Here are some action shots:



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Update re:timelines for Callen builds, from a friend of the Callen family:

"I talked to Jimmy Callen this morning and he says he is building shells again. He's doing it at his house in Lakeside. He is going to take orders and build campers between October and April but after April he goes to his place in Colorado and goes hunting. He's thinking he will just do 2 or so a month."


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Hi Guys,

I was over at the Callen's house in Lakeside yesterday getting my used Callen tuned up and mounted. I was in contact with Jim to set up the appointment and everything went really smooth. They mounted my camper with six bolts, wired up all of my lights and adjusted my barn doors so they are solid for $175. Jim was kind enough to share some pork tamales and hung around to talk story while his son Scott took care of me. We talked about Baja of the past and present and it was cool to hear both of their stories. I also got to take a look at a new shell they had just finished for an 8' fullsize and it was beautiful. If you want to get set up with the best shell for Baja from a local family that knows whats up give them a call and they will take care of you.


Do you have the new contact info? The original link to the C-list posting has expired and I'd like to speak to them about a shell for the MDR. Thanks in advance! Richard :sombrero:

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Robert Bills

I've never seen a Callen camper built like that, but one of the photos in the Craigslist ad shows the metal badge reading "Callen Campers El Cajon" so either someone stuck on a badge from another camper or it is an early version of the Callen camper.