California Adventures M1102 Build (2019)

There are some sweet slot canyons there to camp in. Of course, we always check the weather prior.

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Been doing research on bed drawer units. Was going to buy a new 48”x40”x13” WeatherGuard Pack Rat in black for $1300 + tax, but ended up finding a used white one for $350. Planning on refinishing to match the trailer. This will be great for a built in stove and storage.

More projects coming.

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Found some military AV boxes for sale locally. They are completely sealed with pressure relief valves for transporting on military aircraft. They were made to hike heavy battery backup systems, so should be more than strong enough for the camping gear I’d like to keep out of the dust and rain...

I have one extra that I’ll have to find use for.

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I’m 6’8” tall (72”), so I had the rack built so I’ll be able to easily clear the RTT at 6’10”-6’11” (74-75”). I don’t like hitting my head and want access to the tool boxes.

This trailer will not fit in most garages and that’s OK for me.

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That's looking awesome! I just got me a M1102 and I'm loving what you are doing. What size tubing did you use for the frame that the tent sits on? and would you do anything different?


Just put our build update on the YouTubes;

Hope you dig the design!

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That's REALLY tall, are you concerned about stability at all? How about the width, if you go with a Jeep as a tow rig isn't that trailer a lot wider? My build was originally almost that tall but off road it was no fun and way too unstable, though it's a lot narrower than your rig. I lowered the rack, made it articulate up/down and it was like night and day on the trails, I don't even worry about it ever going over now but before it spent a lot of time on 1 wheel :)

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