Cabinets with Aluminum Extrusion bars


Four_Wheel_Overland on Instagram
Hey guys, I am looking to build a small kitchen cabinet that rolls out the window of my Four wheel camper. I am looking at using the Aluminum Extrusion bars with t slots. I have found a few good articles on that material, but I am curious what everyone has used for fill panels. I would like something that would slide in the channels in the center of the bars. I am thinking about a composite/plastic panel, or aluminum? I do not want to use wood.

Hoping for some feedback, or link to some builds.

The Artisan

Have you looked at the PVC foamboard products?
That is what I will be using with a 1x1 angle internal exo cage and dovetailed seams on the celtec
Overkill but wont break. Also I am only facing areas that will be seen. My walls make up the rest of the cabinet, to save weight.