Cabezon Peak, NM


This was a short day trip back in July. My two kids were out of town and I had just had the lift instslled on my 4Runner and was anxious to get it dirty. It was just the wife and I so the exploring in a muddy area was kept somewhat close to the highway just in case.

Cabezon Peak is a spot I had been wanting to check out for years. Its 45 minutes northwest of Albuquerque off of US 550, adjacent to the popular Jemez mountains. Its wide open space with dirt roads everywhere and seems to be a perfect area for exploring with other smaller peaks dotted within just a few miles from Cabezon.

The peak itself I believe stands around 8,000' in elevation. There is a hiking/climbing trail that takes you to the top. There is I believe 2 ghost towns in the area as well but we didn't come across either. The local natives believe the peak is the head of a buried giant(Cabezon is head in spanish).IMG_7700.JPGIMG_7712.JPGIMG_7711.JPGIMG_7677.JPGIMG_7678.JPGIMG_7681.JPGIMG_7684.JPGIMG_7685.JPGIMG_7693.JPGIMG_7701.JPG
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