Cab clearances on fg 637

Background...In 4wd on upslopes of reasonable gradient and roughness there is light contact in a few spots due to cab movement. Generally not present in general driving.
- Have aftermarket turbo fitted and am aware that clearances could be improved as evidenced by rub marks on some of the rigid piping
- Contact is made also on the upper corners of the radiator where the foam padding/cowling is attached - seeing this is original positioning, I am surprised at
the lack of clearance.
- I have inserted rectangles of about 5-6mm insertion rubber over the cab latching hooks which rest in the cradle area between the two side pads, this has
been in place a while and helps a lot with limiting cab movement but still doesn't cover the more trying 4wd situations.

I understand spacers can be inserted in the hook area but I think these are for increasing and decreasing cab tilt effort.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and found effective remedies??

Aussie Iron

Yes there are a few places that do rub as in at the corners of the radiator but at this stage are not a real problem. Where it made contact with my after market turbo we modded the cab a little. Yes we get a lot of movement of the cab when we are traveling offroad but if you stiffen it up too much you will end up cracking the cab or the mount system. My take is if it doesn't rattle or bang than you are better leaving it alone. I often get a squeak from the cab hold down hooks at the back of the cab but a little silicon spray and it's all good.

Thanks Dan. I was thinking a little more tilt on the cab from the rear may provide a few mm extra but ensuring the latching mechanism works afterwards is fairly important. Our cab has been slightly modified too. Take your point about rigidity but I was more concerned with increasing clearance than stopping the inherent movement. Cheers,Neil