C4500 cutaway 2wd $14,000 Middlebury, IN Facebook


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No relation to seller.
https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/670502803819113/ Ihope this link works.
Not sure if this is the place to post, let me know if it isn’t.
I would like advice on buying a c4500 2wd to save initial investment with plan on an immediate DIY camper composite box and save up for a 4x4 and super single conversion (through a company). Pluses for this: low miles, air ride and air seats, 2 hour dive from my house, should fit a 14 foot box, would have all weights known when converting drivetrain
Downsides 2wd. Cost to convert. Back is cut out so when adding the camper that is going to be an expensive piece of accordion boot, but might make it harder for the seller. What would be a fair price if I did buy it? I’m thinking $10k then 20k for 4x4 brings it to $30k for what it seems the nice 4x4s go for. Then of course 6k plus so SS. Or keep waiting until the right 4x4 comes along.
Any advice on shops to call to get a ballpark price? I’m in Michigan, but would travel to get it done right.



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Britboaters has a thread on converting his 2x4 Kodiak to a 4x4, so that might have some useful information. CLICK FOR THREAD
If you are going the 'conversion route', is there a reason you just don't start with a 2x4 ambulance? Almost turn-key camping. SAMPLE
If you have not already checked out both cjken and Mattersnots ambulance build threads, those are nice. Also a good youtube video on Mattersnots ambo HERE