Buying LFP cells for a powerpack


This is a reputable seller of NOS and secondhand cells, not just LFP.

I am not recommending anyone buy these, but I thought it would be a valuable learning exercise for those who might want to analyse and discuss this batch as an example.

Compare to the **delivered** cost of brand new cells from top-notch known good makers like

Winston, CALB, GBS, Sinopoly, CATL and A123 (now Lithium Werks / Valence / Super B)

at say 3-4 kWh, as if these were NOS.

Note also the test results from a CC load discharge / cap test

divide the voltage numbers by 8 so all discussion is at per-cell voltages.

Compare the "points of discontinuity" shoulders of the curve with my past comments/recos on LFP care

and also contrast both with the manufacturer datasheet specs.

What is their State of Health % ?

What would you guess is the # of cycles and/or calendar lifetime remaining?

What do you think, are these packs good value?

I will be happy to answer specific questions, but expect you to do some self-learning footwork, develop your google-****

please show links to resources and references as you find those you think are more likely to be correct.

Textual and static graphics favoured over long videos.

If you feel this thread is bizarre or just not for you, that is fine, please ignore it and move on.