Buying a FWC Swift Shell - Question on Options


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I'm ordering a FWC Swift Shell and had a few questions for FWC owners about options.

...mainly, is there anything you regret not having on your FWC shell.

My #1 question, do I need Gas Lifting Struts? I'm not putting bikes/kayaks on the roof. I want to keep everything simple.
#2 Rear Flood Lights ($395)...can I put a brighter light in the standard porch light?

Here's the options I plan on getting:

Silver Spur Exterior
Fan-Tastic Vent Fan
Front opening window
12V Accessory Outlet Plug (will be standard in 2017)
Arctic Pack
On the fence:
Gas lifting struts? (will be standard in 2017)
Rear Flood lights?

I plan on building out the interior, (front dinette) cabinet/counter on passenger side, and adding a porta potty near the door.

If anyone has pics of their stock Swift Shell interior, I would appreciate it. Want to see if the Swift Shell interior has cut outs (propane box area) near the door, which will add extra floor storage space. Thanks!


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Gas struts are awesome! I didn't have them on my last FWC, but the roof was longer and it didn't have solar panels. The Falcon (kinda rare) has a short roof and popping up the front was difficult. You're almost in the middle of the roof, when lifting the front, and don't have much leverage. The struts make popping up the camper a breeze. I mounted mine exterior and don't mind the look. Didn't want to deal with them inside and some have issues with the walls pushing out where they're mounted. If you have anything on the roof (cargo boxes, canoe, etc.) forget about raising the roof without a struggle.

Good luck with the interior build! I love to see what people come up with to suit their needs.
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Get the heater and the stove, you wont regret it. You can save the money on the arctic pack and make a nicer one for about $100...weve done it twice now. Also the rear steps are cheap and would be nice...consider the yakima tracks, you'd be surprised how much your ideas on what you want now will change once you have it for a while; for solar, cargo etc..Unless the silver spur matches your truck theres reason to spend the money on it (for functionalities sake). Just my pics when you get it!


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Thank You

Thanks for your responses!

OK, definitely getting the struts.

Also decided to get the Yakima tracks.

Even though I don't plan on putting anything on the roof, I might down the road. it's an option I would want the factory to install.

I plan on just doing a jetboil for inside coffee, and use a camp stove outside.


I've owned a Hawk shell and now own a Side Dinette Hawk with just about every option...

I would get the struts. Get the tracks. Pass on the steps, I never use mine. I would pass on rear floods and instead just get the regular LED outside lights, they provide plenty of light. I too liked my heater option in the shell, but never used the stove. I'd see if they could put the heater and propane cabinet in, then have them put in a sink with drain in place of the stove. I find a sink(water source would be plastic jug or water bag) to be much more handy for face washing, brushing teeth, etc.