Bushlite Candle Lanterns - US Group Buy


Thanks Tazman, happy to be able to contribute something back to ExPo!

There's a surprising lack of details surrounding many of the accessories/colors/specs/etc... I'm planning to order a set of accessories for myself with the first batch and then post up details once they arrive.

In regard to the brass lanterns it looks with the number spoken for the price will probably drop a few more dollars per lantern. Once the buy is closed up I'll finalize the exact amount before any funds are sent.
I can hardly wait to say the check is in the mail. Or maybe the PayPal is in process.


Xrunner, I've resolved my earlier question about COO (if you saw it before these edits).

I'm in for:
2 brass
2 candle tube kit bags
2 small stands

1 mozzie pad clip -- if these aren't already included in the candle tube kits. The Bushlite ZA and UK sites seem to give different information about accessories available.

Thanks for organizing the group buy.

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Closing this up for the time being while I work on the behind-the-scenes details.

If anyone still wants in I'm going to start a waitlist... if there are any extra lanterns I'll work through the list (or considering doing a 2nd buy if there is enough interest).