"... built to code."

of course in the comments the author states this:

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  • Mello Mike says:
    July 26, 2018 at 06:08
    That’s not entirely true. Sure, there are some older half-tons with insufficient payloads out there, but not all. There are plenty of newer half-tons out there with 2,400-pound, 2,500-pound, and 3,000-pound payloads. Just don’t get a diesel, the same applies to 3/4-tons. "

    so I have pretty much dismissed the website as RV hyperbole. maybe i'm wrong; that happens, too.

are there codes to which must be adhered? or is this just his marketing department kicking
RV Industry Association ”RVIA” (among others) publishes codes for construction.
Dunno all its details, but speculate if a manufacturer wants to be a RVIA member they would need to adhere to.
Also, RVIA exists as sales tool so prospective owners, financing and insurance companies have something (no matter how slim & shoddy) to benchmark on.
NFPA publishes safety & health standards for RVs also. I think its NFPA 1192.
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