Building your own canopy/camper.


Any chance of seeing whatever else you are up to sir? Cheers, Chilli.. 😎
Hi Chilli,i was a bit busy during our Winter.But should soon have more time as in the warm weather we spend more time inside.We already had 38 celsius and its still Spring.
Cheers Urs

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Chilli, do you have a thread on the tahoe?

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Yes I do sir. Please search my profile to find the thread, ` 6.5 diesel.` There is also some stuff in this thread. io will try to find it for you. It is mostly about suspension upgrades as this 94 Yukon had a Dana 60 up front.

Cheers, Chilli...😎


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Wow that's rough haha. I like how it sits on the SAS with the 35s(?). Do you know what brackets/springs it has?

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Mr Varg the truck is o 37 inch Toyo muds and the springs are BDS standard 2 inch lift. They are the same springs I run in my old 79 Chevy. The brackets are some kind of kit. Installed by the previous owner of which I have no idea of the manufacturer. Rick at Chilliwack spring made some custom sleves to adapt the 2.5 inch springs to the 3 inch that is standard on the Dana 60. They work quite well. It has a dual Fox shock system... Cheers, Chilli.... 😎