Building your own canopy/camper.


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You posted this on the "bug out" thread, good to see more about it.

When I saw this pic I immediately though tof the Jawa Sandcrawler :)



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HaHa too funny Graynomad! Anyways the rig is funtional and extremly light weight from the top of the cab upwards so it has great off road capabilities....

Have alook at this video....:drool:


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NICE! Chilli maybe you need a big painting of Jawa sandcrawler and a swimsuit lady with a giant lazer beam pointing at the moon.

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But then it would not have the cool heavy on the bottom and light on the top design as this does...


you got to love it...:Wow1:

Erik N

^^ You might want to put an upside-down dog bowl over that air cleaner. A buggy of mine froze his engine driving thru a large puddle with a setup like that.


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Always room for a little fender trimming...

to make the new 37s fit....:drool:

(click pic for video)


I recommend Nida Core for building a camper. It's expensive but so light and strong that it will hold massive structural loads.