building the Bullet XV

Nothing serious, just the 60,000 mile service plus a couple small electrical things. I did notice they parked the Bullet in the prime corner/intersection spot to draw attention.
I just replaced the tires, so they only have about 4000 hard miles on them but they do seem to be wearing well & definitely give a better ride than my last set. As far as the springs go, I chose not to have longer springs made for the same reason I chose not to alter the rear leafs when I lifted it the 2", I have a lot of faith in the stock 5500 suspension, it's tough as hell & with the last trip Bethany & I just finished, I have even more faith in it, as we beat the hell out of the Bullet on several trails we went on. One trail was so rough, it took us 1 1/2 hours to go 3 miles, but the reward was our favorite little private canyon & waterfall/warm spring. Had this trail been washed out at some point, it would have taken us about a day to slowly back up, as one side was bedrock & the other, an 800' fall into the river below.
But this is why we build these beasts
some pics from the last trip....


for a sense of scale, if you zoom in, you'll find the Bullet in both photos above
yes, another hot spring, & yes, that's hot water running off the bedrock cliffs above, & yes, that's a cave behind the waterfall.
you guys didn't know I built a small remote control model of the Bullet did you !
Nice build I'm inspired! I had debated cutting out the back cab of my f350 but now im definitely doing it. I also have one of those bogert hmmwv jacks and aren't they the coolest? Just know that the us gov spent 2000$ on that jack!
Nice build. I'm going to put a custom camper on the back of a RAM 4500 168" wheelbase, 84 inch CA, and am concerned about the ride comfort. I know Kelderman makes suspensions for this truck but I don't know if I want to pay that money replacing springs with a comfy air system or have all my eggs in one basket relying on said comfy air system not to break and leave me stranded. Have you done anything with the factory springs?
nope, I am still running the original 5500 springs. I thought about changing over to Kelderman early on as well, but decided not to for the reason of not wanting to have a potential bag failure. I was also proposed changing out to a 4500 leaf pac, but also chose not to do that as I just paid for this extremely heavy duty thing & didn't want to pay more to make it less strong. My solution after years of use, was to change out to adjustable shocks.
(see post #355)
Sorry, I can't remember the brand right now, but I know I have them set down to about a '2' on a scale of 1-10, I also remember that the original shocks had a daintiness of a 2" lead pipe.
this made a huge difference & I still have the original 5500 strength. If I were you, I would ride it for a year or so & then look at replacing the shocks.
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Hey Strangers
Bethany & I are gearing up for a 5 week trip around Alaska, so one thing I wanted to have for this trip was the ability to refill the water tanks from rives & streams.. .. plus I'm about due to do something to the Bullet, it's been too long!
I know there are several posts on here regarding water filter systems, but most are older & due for some fresh information, plus I need to rethink & overthink everything myself.
water filter system 001.jpg
The system I came up with is a 5 part filter & pump system, broken down as follows;
(we'll start from the river & work our way up to the Bullet)
water filter system 008.jpg
The pump I chose came with a hose strainer to filter out rocks which could damage the pump, that filters out solids greater than 1/8″. This is on the end of 3/4″ x 8' long suction hose which then attaches before the pump to a 50 mesh sediment filter, which equals 1/50 of an inch or 304 microns in size, protecting the pump even further.
water filter system 007.jpg the 50 mesh filter was a simple Grainger purchase.

Then the pump, a ‘Liberty 331′ 1/2 horsepower transfer pump.
This is a 110 volt pump, I chose 110 volt so I didn’t have to worry about wire size for the 50’ extension chord to power it. Several years ago I installed a pure sine wave inverter, along with a 110 volt outlet in the basement right where I'd be while refilling the tanks, so this all works perfect.
The pump seems really well built, all cast aluminum, with a carry handle, an on-off switch and 20' power chord.
water filter system 006.jpg
out of the pump comes a 3′ long x 3/4″ food grade hose that goes into a two filter housing. The first filter is a 1 micron sediment filter, the second is a 1/2 micron carbon filter to get out all bacteria & cysts. I purchased this from the ‘RV water filter’ I chose their ‘ESSENTIAL system’
water filter system 004.jpg
After passing through those two filters, the water goes through two 5/8″ food grade hoses totaling 55′ long (see why two hoses below), then just before entering the Bullet tank, is passed through a final B.E.S.T. inline water filter with silversafe technology to kill any remaining bacteria
water filter system 005.jpg
then 6′ of hose to stick in the tank inlet.
The reason to have the two hoses, is I can use the last hose & B.E.S.T. filter to filter campground water as well, and not have to pull out the whole system.
This whole system packs up pretty tight into two small duffel bags; one for the pump & hoses, another for the filters which will, I’m sure, be put away wet at times, so I wanted to keep them separate.
water filter system 011.jpg water filter system 012.jpg
Both bags store easily in the basement.

After testing the system out, I found it emptied a 5 gallon bucket in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or 2.22 GPM, meaning it will take 13 1/2 minutes to fill my tank. I'm sure it will take longer to set up & take down the system, but we're not talking an hour long process here, I like to keep moving !
Before I went to Siberia-Mongolia I got an even simpler but very similar system. A 6 gal bucket, a submersible 110v pump and a standard garden hose. It was fortunate because water in those places tends to come out of large high pressure/volume hoses that can’t be used in my tank inlets. I have a triple filter system coming out of the tank- fleece, iodine and activated charcoal which removes the iodine. Each of two 55 gal tanks fills in a short time.
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