Building our box out of wood?


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Weve got about 5 gallons so far. At 70 square feet per quart, per coat, It should take approximately 15 gallons total, to do three coats inside and out.


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Idasho, do you have a build thread for your flatbed camper? thx

With that wall thickness you can easily create a thermal break by staggering studs/framing.

Just replace the 2x4's with 1x2's or 2x2's, and the insualted with rigid XPS foam.

For ceiling, you could do a truss'ed design to maximize the thermal break...
Many RV companies already do this, but with a radius/arch. You could easily make them flat

Like this, but done horizontal.

I considered these early on, but my camper just isn't large enough to justify it.
Such a thick wall really soaks up interior volume, when you already dot have much!

With a large camper, I feel the benefits are there....