Building a overland camper on a Fuso FG


I contacted them about a similar camper and they were reluctant to talk about a custom.
Perhaps they are making some changes. See Stan's comments in this thread HERE
Quote from that thread "Just the past few years we have seen an increasing stress being put on our production department, design team, and the production workers because we have been trying to do too much, and offer TOO many different models, options, and customizations. To be a successful camper manufactured we don't feel that we will be able to keep offering so many different models and so many custom options for each and every camper."


The truck is still not with me. It is at Atlas springs get a new suspension. Replacing the stock leaf springs with a custom made job and also a custom shocks with an external reservoir. I should have it back by about mid February.

At four wheel I dealt straight with the owner Tom Hanagan. I approached them in 2012 when the economy was slow. Now they have the production lines running full steam. Still worthwhile talking to Tom and see what he has to say.


I would love to check it out when you get it back. If that is ok with you.

I have been talking to ATC about building one for me. They still have not quite grasped the capacity of the truck that will carry this camper, weight is not an issue. Until then I will continue to work on and use my existing box. I am interested in lowering the height of the truck, that is the reason for the popup.


You are welcome to look over my camper. Just send me a note in med feb. I live near LAX.

I just had the fuel tanks replaced. I now have a 50 gallon tank with another auxiliary tank of 20 gallons for a total of 70 gallons. I also carry about 90 - 100 gallons of water. Fully loaded with full tanks and 2 passengers the truck came in at 10600 lbs. The last piece was the suspension, and then it will be all done.


Awesome build! I read an article that FWC was going to build a camper for the Fuso. I wonder if they meant this build? It would be great if they would add this to their lineup. The Fuso seems like a great platform.

Flys Lo

I just thought I would say, I saw your truck driving up Sepulveda in El Segundo a bit over a week ago. Looks impressive in person!


you lucky dog, i approached them in 08 with my new 08 fg, they werent ready for me yet and i had to do my own . awesome, looking forward to seeing what they can do

cheers lehel


I should thank you. You were the one who turned me towards them at the overland expo show in 2012. If you remember my friend and me spent quite some time looking at your rig.

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