Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

I have been approached by a small company with the plans to build an expedition company like no other. With the company owner being a Land Rover enthusiast also it was an easy sell, we discussed the idea of using Land Rover defenders, but due to the time it would take to acquire 10 defenders and prep them (we have something in the works but it could take a while) I suggested we build 10-12 disco2 vehicles, I showed them my longitude expedition truck and suggested that we basically build them just like that but with improvements to remedy some known problems with them. So we agreed to build 10-12 discovery 2 vehicles and mostly (due to availability) stick with the later 03-04 vehicles. Sadly this will require a bit more monetary investment in that it will require all the engines being torn down and having the slipped/leaking liner problems inerrant with this model resolved. Go ahead was given and I acquired the first vehicle locally, after many discussions of colour schemes for the vehicles we decided all the vehicles will be painted similar to the G4 trucks and the defenders will be painted similar to the iconic camel,trophy trucks.
Here are the rough plans...engine out and turner engineering top hat sleeves installed, oil pump assemblies rebuilt with improved oil pressure relief valves, cylinder heads overhauled with some mild porting and polishing to improve flow. Turner engineering performance cam installed to improve torque, heavy duty timing chain and some other internal mods to increase reliability. Suspension will be getting a 2-3 inch heavy duty lift and shocks and brakes will be overhauled with addition of steel braided brake lines. Transmissions will be converted to manual diff lock versions if not already installed. At this point in time there are no plans to do the ARB or Ashcroft diff lock upgrades as I will be trying to keep the vehicles as close to “stock” as possible, so I will be doing the ABS modulator shuttle valve replacement and wiring mods to all vehicles. Externally the vehicles will be fitted with the ARB front winch bumper, probably the warn 9000lb winch, voyager racks safari roof rack and access ladder and fitted with a roof top tent. Vehicles will have dual batteries installed to maintain power to the fridge installed inside. Heavy duty 16” steel wheels with mud terrain Tyres should be handling the grip side of it.These vehicles have already proven their ability to go to the extremes many times and these upgrades should provide the ultimate compromise between off road capabilities and road going safety. Vehicles will be kitted out internally with necessary recovery gear also. Please feel free to come along for the ride and ask questions or make suggestions.. 353AEB2B-FBF4-42C3-A9BE-F44DC1FCEDE6.jpeg 353AEB2B-FBF4-42C3-A9BE-F44DC1FCEDE6.jpeg 19AF5A3E-E1D2-436D-BF5C-BA835C385482.png
Without running the numbers, is the tear down of the 4.6 to fix the issue worth it compared to just using the scale you have to do a mass diesel swap?

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Yes, when you consider the Disco 2 is an electronically controlled transmission and the non availability of good engine tranny would have to pay about 7-8k. Inimum for good used 200 or 300 tdi motor and tranny assays and then the interface with other components like a/c etc ...and then you still should go through the engine as well anyway.... the necessary mods to make the 4.6 into a good motor will set me back about 6-8k before labour...and this platform will make it easy to drive for everyone between novices and the seasoned off roader... I will be updating the necessary mods shortly..
I would recommend a Tru-Trac in the rear axle, simple to install and it gives you that extra little bit of traction that comes in very handy in real world situations. I've been running one for almost twenty years with no issues.


Nice, not every day somebody asks you to outfit a fleet of expedition vehicles.

It might not look as cool as a Defender, but especially with a few mods the disco will allow you to get stuck in very complicated places as well.

I think this has been discussed and shot down before, but why not go for TD5 swaps if even considering that route? Plenty of them around just a short container shipment away, they should be plug-and-play, and are fairly bulletproof. Surely a better alternative than trying to get a tdi to play nice?

Theoretical ideas aside, sticking with the V8 easily sounds like the best solution.

As far as other mods go, are there any other typical failure points you're thinking of knocking out in one fell swoop? The transmission cooler quick-fit connector comes to mind, for example...
Yes, while engine is out to be swapped I will be doing a couple of mods to make on the trail repairs easier, those connectors will be getting some mods, the ABS modulator, the exhaust downpipes some reinforcing, ARP head stud modifications, and some engine overheat and low oil pressure warning system such as the madman systems.... internally it will be getting some cleaning up of oil galleries and return system just to let oil flow a little better through the system, also looking into additional oil filter systems.
Just because I'm an Idiot. if your customer isn't offering Off World trips, how do they plan on being "like no other"?
Our trips will be unique in that we intend to make them interactive on a few different platforms..kinda an immersive expedition experience..:)..all will be revealed when concrete plans are established..:)
They will also be conducted along the Tread lightly principles and environmentally friendly, trying to educate as we explore..