Build: Ram 3500 and Aluminum/Composite Expedition Camper

That was very interesting, however you mentioned the spring mounts, showed approximately where they were going, but didn't show the finished mounts. Or, is it that you haven't done them yet?

Excellent build, been following it almost since you started it.
I agree that I didn't do a great job of explaining that part. It's pretty difficult to see since it's buried inside the frame. Basically, there is a 3/8"x4" piece of bar stock welded in between two of the rear cross members and the main rail on the sub frame to bolt to. The springs fit inside the frame in the factory bed mount bolt locations. These pictures might make it a bit more clear.


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We were able to get the truck done enough to drive it to our family Thanksgiving gathering. What a rewarding moment! On our way out of town we got the truck weighed again, 8180#. The weight without the bed was 7220#. The new weight included the rear bumper, shower pan and some misc tools that I estimate to be 100#. So our empty shell including sub frame weight is approximately 860#! Very pleased with that number.

We sourced a door on eBay from an RV parts wholesaler that sells scratch and dents out the back door of one the big manufacturers. I'm pretty sure this door was intended for an R Pod. It had a few minor scratches and a slightly bent mounting flange but overall was in great condition. Courtney vinyl wrapped it to match (and cover the very ugly cream color it came in) and we got it installed.

We considered leaving the back two panels off while we built out the interior to make things easier, but ultimately decided the bathroom needed to come first and it goes in the back corner. Finally! The last panels are in and the box is sealed up!

You can also see the simple rear bumper. This will also get a spare tire carrier added to it. It bolts in to the factory bumper mounts. The idea is that our grey water dump hose will store inside the bumper, a feature I really liked on a travel trailer we owned once.

We made an adapter/spacer that allowed us to install the factory fuel filler and use a locking fuel door. It also seals everything up so fuel can't dribble into the foam.

On the inside, this box seals up the fuel and DEF hoses from the living space but is open on the bottom to give splashed fuel a way to drain out. You can see the stock fuel filler in the top left of this photo. This box slid over the top of that.

This is the start of the shower pan/toilet platform. It is made from 20g #4 finish stainless.

The bathroom vent is one of these Maxxair Dome Plus units. Push up on the handle to open the vent. It also has a built in LED light and integrated switch. Convenient!

Thanks for following along, stay tuned for more!