Buell Ulysses?


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I have loved the looks of the Buel's since I first saw their prototypes in Milwaukee.

My concern would be one (not to bash, but my opinion), the durability. To the extent of my knowledge the Buell's use Harley-Davidson motors. Though I was not able to find it, it looks like th Ulysses is using the Sportster engine, which is far outdated and rather inefficient. I am not a fan of HD, even though I grew up in Milwaukee, and was around them my entire life. My dad and I had a saying about the HD's ... "two hours of work equal one hour of riding."

I have many uncles are all motorcycle cops in Milwaukee. HD donates bikes to the City for use as Police bikes. Not one of my uncles owns, nor cares for the HD's and are jealous of other cities who get Kawasaki's and Yamaha's. They complain of the maintenance, and the vibrations of the bikes, but hey that's a different bike.

The Ulysses seems to be based on the XB with an extended rear swing arm. Since Buell uses in-frame designing, it might be torture in the rocks. Since the swing arm is used as an oil tank, a slip on a rock, or similar may cause a crack that could leave you stranded. However on the other hand the in frame fuel tank, may have it's benefits by being protected.

Also with this being Erik Buell's first designed hybrid bike, the end results are unknown.