Budget M101A2 Build


Looking for a quick answer on making/purchasing an adjustable rack for mounting a rooftop tent. I know there are a lot of you M101 builders out there, and a lot of posts to sift through on different options but I just bought my trailer last weekend and was hoping to drag it out on an elk hunt in a couple weeks. I have a CVT Denali that we use a lot and has been on my Sequoia's roof in the past and also on a teardrop/squaredrop trailer that I just sold this summer. The teardrop was fun and cool but just ended up being a pretty object that sat in my garage 300 days a year. I believe I will use this M101 for a lot more things. Anyway, I'm looking for a quick solution to the RTT problem. With a CVT Denali, I either need 3 bars or a 2 bars and a platform like a rhino rack pioneer platform. I want this set up to be height adjustable if possible so I can raise and lower it as needed. Has anybody used a Thule Xsporter like seen in this thread? https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/thule-xsporter.160488/

I tried messaging the guy who posted the picture of the Xsporter on his M101 to ask a few questions but got nowhere. I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues with the width of the Xsporter bars being able to clear the width of the trailer? It doesn't look like they have an issue in that thread, but I am wondering if you have to acquire extra long bars?

Any other recommendations besides the Thule Xsporter? I am also debating about just putting an old commercial topper on it so that I can secure the bed contents, but I don't really like the redneck look of that. I am not above going the topper route, just not my favorite look.

I like what you all are doing and I will probably do a lot of reading and copying of some of the builds this winter, but hoping for a quick solution. I'll post a photo of my trailer soon.