Budget 54" Curved LED Light Bar; Looking for opinions, user reviews.


Mounting the light bars above the windshield is one of the worst places; glare on the hood makes the light useless. If wanted on the roof, move back to rear of cab so that the forward part of the roof shades the hood from scatter. Ideal placement for lamps is ahead of the driver.

cody c

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I have a 40" aliexpress dual row curved bar. It makes ALOT of light...

But it's a combo beam, and because of the flood lights I get a bit of glare off the hood, I should have gone for a spot light format.

Point is, if you put it up top only get a spot light, don't bother with flood or combo style patterns. And try and mount it so the roof blocks the beam off the hood.

If you mount it in front of the hood then do combo or flood pattern lights. I may darken my hood at some point to accommodate, white paint gets a bit of glare from the sun too so it may have been inevitable.


wow, way-back-time machine. The whistling goes away if the bar is oriented correctly (read, turn it over). The fins on the back whistle if the bar is put on upside down.... do ask me how I know this....

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