Bridgeport CA suggestions


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Instead of Utah this year I'm headed up to Bridgeport. I've done some inter web search but would like to hear some suggestions for creek or river fishing. It's been a lot of years since I've been up there.

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Wish someone had a suggestion.

The YouTube info looked promising but I found Robinson Creek over fished. Not many fishing late in this season, maybe due to the dreaded storm, but the trails were wide and clear due to the traffic. Native trout could be coaxed from cover but not easily. We started at Robinson, and spent at least a day at LeeVining Cr, some creek along the JuneLake Loop, Rock Cr, Baker Cr. above BigPine.


There are a ton of places to go up in that area.....If you prefer creeks and streams, make sure you get to the east Walker below the dam, the West Walker can also be a lot of fun along 395 as well as 108......Green creek just southwest of town is also good and usually a little less crowded. There are also several lakes worth mentioning because they are smaller. The Virginias south of Bridgeport are not bad, and twin lakes can be great, but gets crowded.....My best suggestion is to call ahead to Kens Sporting Goods and ask what's hot at the time your going.

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My understanding is that the Walker River is catch and release only (if that matters to you). True? Or has something changed. Ever tried Laurel Lakes? 4wd to get there.