Break-Over Angle?


Ok, I'm guessing this is the place to ask this as I haven't found a more knowledgeable group out there.

I've read a lot about approach and departure angles, but haven't found a lot about the break over angle. Sure angling the vehicle helps, but often that's not an option. Is there any sort of optimal ratio to hold to regarding this?

Please help my ignorance! :(
Perhaps it's not even really an issue?

Thanks again for any advice:)


Central Scrutinizer
I've never heard of a ratio that is optimal. Breakover angle is determined by tire size, suspension lift and wheelbase, so I guess the longer the vehicle wheelbase, the taller the lift and bigger the tires required? Or the more powerful the winch required......

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Dreaming Ape
Especially for all-purpose overland travel, there is absolutely no ideal number. An ultimate off-pavement rig would have no breakover, because it would be underclad with tires or tracks that couldn't get stuck on anything - but then it would have no interior room for your gear.

A Jeep XJ with any sort of lift will net especially good breakover angle because of its solid axles and unit body (no true frame) - and relatively short 98" wheelbase.

Cool.. and useful.. but that doesn't necessarily make it the ideal candidate because there are too many other factors to consider.

Don't get hung up on numbers and calculations... the line you drive in the dirt is flexible, analog, and adaptive. So should be your thinking. :jumping: