Rendezvous Conspiracy
This is brand new in the box never opened FT8900R with the sepration kit included. Asking $550.00, I purchaesd it for a trailer as a base unit for my Horizon trailer and never installed it or opened the box. Just want to get what I paid for out of it. Shipping is on your dime.


Too bad it's not an 8800! Don't need a quad band and it's too pricey for me. Need a good installed radio for my Prius and everything I've read about the electronics in the Prius is that the separator kit this and the 8800 have is best to keep the base unit back in the 'trunk' near the battery and away from the dash electronics, etc. There's also no great place to mount a full radio anywhere in the Prius and the head unit only can be put on the dash. Damn hard to run wires up around the rear view mirror because of the damn side air bags that run up the A pillar! Using an HT now and it's just not the same as the 8800 I have in the Landcruiser.

Good luck with your sale and bump for a great radio and fellow offroader!