BRAID Wheels Fullrace T Dakar


Hey folks,

Been running these on our Xterra for a few months now. You can check out that build thread here if you want:

also on facebook:

I thought I would plop a thread here in general for just the wheels though, being that these can be had for literally just about ANY vehicle made. You can order up a set of wheels from BRAID in basically any size, offset and bolt pattern. They'll send you a template you can print out to measure caliper clearance etc... and make sure you get them in an offset that works. For ours, we basically ordered in the stock size with the exception of a slightly lower offset.

BRAID is relatively new to the 4x4 off-road world, but have been in motorsports for ages, even in events like Dakar (where the wheels draw their namesake.) They now offer their wheels with two different style Beadlock options. Type A and Type B. The first being the more "traditional" style, and the latter a super simple system that uses bolts that thread through the wheel face to pinch down on the tire bead. We opted for B.

Impressions so far:

Aside from the obvious aesthetic upgrade over the factory wheels, these things are tremendously beefy! Yet, not exceedingly heavy weight wise. Check out the thickness of those spokes!

We haven't done anything terribly punishing to them yet, but I'm feeling plenty confident they'll hold up to anything on the trail.Details photoshoot (6 of 10).jpgDetails photoshoot (1 of 10).jpgDetails photoshoot (3 of 10).jpgDetails photoshoot (4 of 10).jpgIMG_0922.jpg
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The wheel pattern looks good. It does give your Xterra the traditional rally look.
Thanks! Yeah, I really like the look it gives our truck. Something different then any of the other options out there.

Also, it really does give me peace of mind knowing that this wheel design has actually survived some of the most grueling terrain out there!

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I got a Youtube channel up for the #braidxterra and posted a quick video that talks about how the BRAID Beadlock B system actually works! Check it out!