Bragging time: Suzuki V-Strom 650


This has done a great job of being versatile at being an adventure bike. I love getting 60 miles to the gallon on the freeway (changed gearing), riding up to 13000 ft (up around Mt Baker), and dropping the tire pressure to 10 PSI and jumping on dirt roads which can take you anywhere. This bike is a huge blast when a buddy comes to town and you can toss them onto the back and freak them out by showing the lovely views of the northwest, while driving down to the local breweries.

Anyhoo just thought I would like to share the amazingness behind this bike and if you are interested in having a wonderfully working adventure bike, which are pretty cheap, I highly advise buying this one! I mean they are no BMW but they truly get the job done!

Brag about your bike and tell me about the upgrades that you have personally made to it! Also if you would like tell me the locations you have taken this bike!


Don't forget - if you maintain it well, it will probably go 100K. It is no dirtbike, but the fact is, it is probably the best bike (under $10K) for what most DS/Adventure riders actually do. And the fact that you can get a used one in good condition for $3-4K that will last forever is another plus.



Adding to that, you could get a really expensive bike, however, if you are taking the bike out and about, the last thing you want to worry about is getting it scratched. Spend the amount you are willing to watch get slightly beat up while off roading! :D Happy trails!


Snow on the Roof
Very adaptable too!

If you don't have to have tons of power to go screaming down dirt roads and two tracks, it can be modified to do just about anything and get you there and back again.



I love my Wee. Comfortable, economical, versatile. It is the best all around bike I have ever purchased. I love it so much I have given up sportbikes all together. Speaking of which, does anyone want to buy an 03 GSRXR 750? It just collects dust now lol.


I love my 650 Vstrom as well. It's the perfect commuter bike that does it all while being very economical to run. A total blast in the twisties. Yes it is no BMW and thank goodness for that! :ylsmoke:

Heading to Cherohala Skyway/Tellico area in 10 days for 3 straight days of exploration....paradise for my 650