Can you elaborate on what 1x pertains to?
Ie, is it a 1x1 stud every couple feet?
Yes, so 3/4" wide wood every 12" to 24" and a 1.5" wide at a luan skin seam. These are 4'x8' thin ply sheets. Depth is your foam thickness. No pictures of construction, but it looked like a stud wall for a house, with foam for insulation. All glued together. It was built in panels and fiberglass applied to external surfaces, which were then screwed and glued together, and then the seams were fiberglassed.



I like some of your concepts Shadewalker! I really want to do a lifting roof on my build, trying to keep it short overall, so only place to go is up.

I was looking at various actuators/truck box lifts. Do you mind sharing the ones you went with? Are you going to use any kind of track system to keep things aligned?

I went with:

Specifically >
As they have the feedback option, so with their control board system, a person can tie up to four actuators, synchronize them once, and then the controller will take care of ensuring they all move as one thereafter.

During design/drawing phase, I considered using drawer slides or some track guide system to keep the boxes in line. In the end, I ..kinda forgot (Or lazy) to put them in, and assembled the boxes together. At least on my assembly, no guides are needed, as the outer shell cannot exactly go anywhere else. I screwed around fabbing my own brackets, but geez, they sell them for only $7 or $12. and I spent waaaaay more time then that futzing around making mine. (time=$$$)
My next box, I'll make myself buy theirready made bits. HAW!

I definitely enjoy the extra head space. (Both my previous designs were 4ft total height, being able to stand up in my current rig is...GREAT!

>>Current box is 54" ceiling height when compact, and when expanded, a 6ft tall person has nice head room.The expansion moves 24" via the actuators. I mounted them on 7" tall risers, so thats one way to get extra height.

I made the outer shell be the movable portion, so there is no chance of water ingress whether its up or down. I just gotta make sure I check the outside before dropping it, as if my AC is deployed, it will hang up on that. ( Nearly bent a actuator on that one, however, I got lucky with only a scratch on its arm.) >>The box started to skew when the AC stopped its side from sliding.

Anyhoo, have fun with your build, and definitely go for that head room!!


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Thanks for sharing!! I actually was on that site as well! My lifting roof would be on the order of 8' x 12', so I'm going to use a track system. I think it will also stiffen/secure the lifting section more to ensure the seals between the lower and upper sections are effective.

I don't have my cab/chassis yet, I'll be getting confirmation of the one I'm considering next week. But I have been working on planning the habitat and I really like the additional space provided by a lifting roof.



For anybody that is looking for 3D & 2D software to quick sketch out ideas.
( I get nothing from these links. The software just works, & if it saves one person some time/hassle/$$, then its time well spent.)

BLENDER is free & 3D. They have reworked its entire UI, so if you've played with it in the past 😅 😅 😅 😅😉😉😉 , its no longer the PITA that it was.
It has good measurement tools & some add on measurement tools, should you want to print out basic blueprint sheets. Plus, very quick to mockup ideas in 3 dimensions.

As software is worthless if one cannot use it, check this guy out, for what I think are easy to follow along tutorials to get you going quickly.

If you like 2D, check out Affinity (Designer is nice as there are options for isometric (quasi 2.5 D view)

Their trial is only 7 days, however, its only $54ish dollars and you own it forever, unlike Adobe an their subscription hell.

Screenshot is from Blender as I'm knocking ideas around for a "Better" box .... v3.5 🤣 😅:rolleyes: