Bought a couple of 110's


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I've been over in the UK since Thursday and my buddy and I were able to pick up a couple 110's we've had our eyes on.

Here's a picture of them. Pretty nice, current MOTs and can't wait to get them here in 3-4 weeks by ocean.

The truck is 2.5L Turbo diesel. 1989 110 Defender. Bought it because you just don't see a lot of them in the United States. Its pretty rust free luckily. Its had one floor replaced on the passenger side. And it has a little hold in the bottom of the door we will fix. Has the Salisbury rear axle on it.

The Station Wagon is a 1993 with 136K miles on it. No rust anywhere, just some surface rust on the frame. Salisbury rear axle. 300TDI. I drove it 3 hours today on A-Roads and a small portion of the M1 motorway. It did great. It needs a new valve cover gasket as far as mechanical goes, and has a 12 month MOT.

They both rid fantastic. Can't wait to get them home.

Here they are waiting for transport to Southampton.

They look awesome.

Re Superduty's question, they must be at least 25 years old, original frame, original engine (no swaps) . . . lots of good info. on Defender Source in the "What's Legal" thread:

Homeland Security went nuts on some folks a few years ago . . .


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Very not easy to import. My friend and I set up a company in the UK, a business bank account, had to learn all the rules to get them into the USA, and how to know if they are the legitimate vehicle they say they are. For instance, if they have a diesel in them, better make sure it was sold as a diesel originally, otherwise the EPA will crush it. Better make sure the VIN# is legit. Better have all your paperwork in order for customs as well. Buying it is the easy part. Everything else takes a lot of time to sort out. We've been working on this for about 2 years. We finally got over here and hand selected our first two purchases. We plan to sell them, after we do some minor cosmetic things to them. They are going by boat and should be to port in 3 weeks. It costs us about $1500 each car to be shipped by sea.


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She's going on the boat tomorrow.

Drove it from Great Yarmouth to Nottingham to Southampton. Used a tank of fuel. Amazing. 18 gallon tank and the 300 TDI. Love it.

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Always a good time dealing with Customs. I can't tell you how many Rovers, Mogs, G's, Steyr's, vehicles I've imported over the years and never had a single issue or hiccup. Just do your due diligence with the paperwork and you'll be fine. Congratulations!!!


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My August ‘93 Defender CSW was certainly a 200Tdi. Why is there no front number plate on it, if it is (otherwise) road legal?
It was in the window. I took it off before it went on the boat. When its in the port, it doesn't need it anymore. The other one we bought still has both of its number plates attached. Once it gets over here they will probably be removed.

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I thought the first year for 300tdi in defenders was 1994?
Actually 1993 was a changeover year, and fleet operators were actually able to continue to specify the 200 tdi instead of the 300tdi if they wanted. My 1993 110 is a 200tdi, because the Singapore Police (who I bought it from) specified a 200tdi so it would be identical to the rest of their fleet at the time.