Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper


I’ve been following your thread since the beginning, I appreciate your willingness to share your build with all of us. I wanted to ask how your rack is holding up. I also have a fiberglass top and really liked your system of attaching to your roof. Is that all good?


I just read the entire thread, this is fantastic! 1)The amount of work throw at your camper is incredible, great documentation. I also love that you chose your own path, put function over form. 2) You and I have had similar paths and have such similar skills that it had me chuckling, from diagnosing and building a test rig for the oil cooler, to building your own steeering. I wish I had found the thread you created a couple years ago.


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Hi all. Just poking in to see what's happening at ExPo. Just finished a nice little trip up to Canada with the family. #boomerthecampervan did very well (as usual) despite its age. As with all trips, we returned with a laundry list of things to do before the next outing. Unfortunately the engine needs to come back out due to a incessantly leaking head gasket (external leak, thankfully). I'm not happy at all about having to do this, as the effort to get that engine out is phenomenal. I think while everything is apart, the front radius arms will finally get swapped out for something better, and the front calipers upgraded to late model 1 Ton Ford gear. The rear springs are shot so I'll have my friends over at Agile Offroad bang out a custom set of high leaf count springs. It may also be time for that turbo and a gearvendors OD....

To answer a couple of the questions here:

1. The roof has been holding up great and the rack mounts are as solid as they were the day I installed them. Couldn't be happier. We use the roof rack extensively for all manner of packing logistics. I honestly can't remember how we lived without it for so long.

The Fluid Film is doing a great job keeping the underside of the van in near-perfect condition. It is messy to apply, and messy to work around afterwards, but it keeps ALL the rust away which is my primary concern. It gets a fresh coat every fall and lasts right thru the year until the next application. We don't use the van in the winter (historically, that may change) so it is protecting things while parked on dirt all winter and spring, and often a couple days of road salt during the annual DRAM trips.

The tires are 285-75-R16 Load E BFG A/Ts. They are a perfect size for what we do and I wouldn't change a thing in that department. We do run close to their recommended GVW ratings and at some point we may need to look at 20" wheel packages to get into the next weight class of tire.

Boomer is fine with mild to medium grade trail work. It actually flexes just fine and given the length, the RTI ramp numbers are surprisingly good. The height is what most people think is my limiting factor, but it has never proven to be the case. That isn't to say I don't bounce branches/limbs off the roof on occasion, but when I did all the glass work on the front quarters, I beefed it all up to the point where I don't worry at all about thwacking a tree limb from time to time. The biggest issue with the van is turning radius and departure angle...neither of these I can do anything about without really chopping things up. It isn't a trail machine, but often plays the part when the need arises.



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The time has come friends for us to part with #boomerthecampervan. It has provided us with many great personal and family adventures along the way, but as our kids get older and our priorities change, Boomer has spent far too much time in the driveway. Any vehicle needs to be used to remain in good shape, and I don't want to see the old girl deteriorate on my watch. I'll be throwing a classified listing up shortly for interested parties. With the sale of Boomer I'll be transferring the Boomerthecampervan Instagram account to the new owner, so you can undoubtedly continue watching over there for updates both from us as well as Boomer's new family. Its been a great ride folks and I wish all of those who have been so supportive of this decade-old project the very best of luck and safest of travels.

Spencyg + Fam.


Glad to hear that she'll have a shot of continuing with someone else. I agree, an idle vehicle is probably not going to last long.

Thanks for all the adventures up to this point. :)


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The classified listing is up. Pricing this beast is tricky...welcome any feedback on pricing to sell without rolling over.



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No. Not enough interest/people with real money this fall. Pulled the listing and I'll try again in the spring.



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Any thoughts on when this will be posted and what the numbers will look like? I tried to get my wife behind it last time you had it yup...but she has a hard time visualizing and understanding everything that goes into a rig like this!


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It is no wonder. Unless you've built (or contemplated building, with hard facts and numbers) any sort of legitimate adventure rig, you'd have no idea what goes into a rig like this. Anybody who has ever tried to sell one will tell the same story. I have no delusions of getting all my money (and certainly any of my time!) back out of Boomer, but it does represent a certain level of value to the next steward, and that is the only number I'm trying to hit. I am expecting to relist in April. Thank you for your interest.


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