Books for camping info, not novels or sci-fi.


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Hey guys and gals I'm looking to add some books to my collection.
I would like to have at least one or two books that tell you what plants are edible for North America and SouthAmerica .
Second book, I am hoping to find one that has basic med care.

Truth be told, I am not a book worm at all but I figured these few are worth having around.

I'm taking suggestions please.

(I guess this falls under camping equipment)

Happy Joe

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I would get tired of typing before the list ran out but some oldies but goodies are;
Medicine for Mountaineering & Other Wilderness Activities ed. by Wilkerson is a quite good out door medical book.

Camping and Woodcraft by Kephart
Woodcraft and Camping by Nesmuk (Sears)
Both are a bit dated (at around 100 years) but good advice and techniques change little.
The 10 Bushcraft books by Graves are a bit more survival oriented but still very good.

You can register at Open library.org
and read a great many books, including many about camping, backpacking, native plants etc. as well as download some of those that are in in the public domain (uncopyrighted or copyright expired; no registration required, if I recall correctly).

I tend to do e-books mostly now as I have run out of shelf space and I can carry a library worth of books in an an e-book reader more easily than 2 paperbacks.



America's Camping Book by Paul Cardwell, Jr. Copyright 1969 Basic concepts of wilderness activity don't change too often, and a look back almost 50 years is well, enlightening.


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The classic SAS survival guide by John "Lofty" Wiseman really is a must have, and they make a pocket edition that is great to keep with you on trail-

Also, that Bushcraft 101 book is really good. Cheers!


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I really need to dig them back out of storage, but I collected a few survival books that were re-printed armed forces manuals, really interesting stuff.

I had one from the Army, and one from the Air Force I believe. The Air Force manual was much better, a lot more content, more varying situations, and I think it even had color images of plants and such.

Reason I mention them is they were not books you sit down and read front to back, they were manuals. You could look up a topic and read about that. Building fires, making a shelter, etc. Interesting thing is being a military manual it had info on situations like how to stay hidden from the enemy, how to barter with locals, and such. Not normally stuff you find in a plain survival manual for the pampered American camper, but good things to have thought about if you get in trouble overseas.

But it had info on everything, including medical stuff and edible plants.

I really need to get that book back out, now I think about it I want to have it handy to skim through again....