Bone Conduction Headset Comm Between Riders


Hoping I'm able to find a bone conduction headset communication system to talk between passengers and listen to music for my Jeep CJ7.

I don't own a motorcycle but thought you guys would be the best to ask. I drive my Jeep with the doors and top off most of the time and it can very noisy as you most likely experience as well. I use ear plugs and ask my guests to do the same. I unfortunately have a hearing loss and don't want them to experience the same, as I hold what I have left as precious. Yelling at each other to talk gets tiresome and draining.

Over the ear gets hot here in Texas and with my loss in my left ear, I use bone conduction headphones for my phone and music which works very well.

Ideally, I'd like a set that allowed both of us to hear music and talk to each other at the same time. Possibly prefer wired just so I don't have to worry about battery charge.

Anything you might know of?