BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build


The front bumper looks nice. Who makes it? Did they spec an improvement in approach angle?

Might be time to think about a rear bumper. Keep doing Golden Crack, and you might need a new rear bumper whether you want it or not!


This beast is looking awesome! Giving me lots of inspiration on what to do with mine. What suspension upgrades are you planning on? Also did you notice any mpg and/or performance upgrade with adding the snorkel? Im looking at muffler replacement and possibly an intake for mine to improve the highway mpg a small bit. I don't really want to pickup and intake because usually its more sound than anything:) Looking great!


I've done a lot of upgrades in the past few months, but have been behind with my build thread. But here are some highlights.

Modified Front Bumper

I had some problems with my bumper the way it was. Had a good friend rework all the welds, and weld the back side which originally was not welded. Also removed 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the bumper.

Thuren Parts Galore!

Installed Thuren 1.5 inch front Hemi coils, Thuren Rear Trackbar, Thuren Boogie Rated Front Bumpstops and King Steering Stabilizer.

Also Dodge Off Road Steering Brace



Tire Upgrade

After installing the Thuren 1.5 inch Hemi coil up front, I went ahead and installed Toyo Open Country M/T's in 37x12.50R17

I love these tires. They fit the truck so well. And I'm going to be honest here, when wheeling in Moab, I feel like the 37's are a bigger difference compared to the 35's. I did not notice a huge gain with the 35's when wheeling compared to the stock 33's. But the 37's are very noticeable in terms of gains compared to the 35's.


Dethloff MFG Custom Build Stuff

So, my pal Marcus started up a fabrication business and I was to be his first customer. The plan, build me a custom Oil & Transmission skid plate, a custom Rooftop Tent Rack and if time permitted, build a custom rear high clearance bumper. With the long term plan being, that my truck would use prototype parts that Marcus could take to production for other Ram 2500 owners.

I also helped Marcus build his website: - designed by yours truly :tongueout:

Skid Plate

So I dented my transmission skid plate in Moab last May. Ram doesn't offer any protection for this area of the vehicle.

Marcus spent A LOT of time engineering a solution for my truck. The first prototype

CUSTOM ROOFTOP TENT RACK - Designed for Ram's with Ram Boxes

No one makes a decent rack for the Ram 2500 with Ram Boxes. Nuthouse kinda sorta makes an overpriced joke, but it's fugly as all get out. And did I mention, OVER PRICED.

My requirements were first that the rack MUST match the design of the cab. It must follow the truck lines. It has to work with my Ram Boxes and I didn't want my tent completely at roof height. And the cross bars need to be removable so I can use my truck as a truck. I can still load a dirt bike or an ATV if need be.

Marcus spent A LOT of time designing and engineering a solution for me. One that he'll take to market shortly for others. This is the rack, the forward section matches the cab contours and clears the 3rd brake light. Custom mounting brackets and only weighs about 100lbs total. Made from 2 inch 120 DOM steel.

This rack also features custom mounting brackets that allow me to mount the RTT directly to the cross bars. So no need for those stupid cross bars these tents usually come with.

We also did a weight test. We put myself, my wife, Marcus and my two kids in the tent on the rack. The tent weighs 130lbs and say 690lbs for 3 adults and two kids, so about 820lbs with no bending in the tubes.

The rack underwent a lot of testing before we sent it off to powder coat.

This rack has been thoroughly Moab tested as well during our Labor Day 2017 trip.

No one makes a rack that sits this tightly to the cab

Ram boxes are completely useable with this rack

Completely trail worthy!

I'm extremely happy with how the rack turned out.
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Electric Upgrades & Communications

So, you could spend like 500 something dollars for an S-Pod thingy because you can't wire, or you could spend $65 dollars and learn to do some basic wiring. Those S-Pods do not have $500's worth of electronics in them. Sorry, it's relays and switches. There is a level of the amount I'd personally pay for ease of installation.

I've been meaning to upgrade my wiring for awhile. It was looking a tad nasty. So I spent some time cleaning things up. I also had a few new items to wire up. Such as the new Baja Designs lights and a new Yaesu ham radio.

I installed a RIGrunner 4005 to power the 12v accessories inside the truck. Not pictured, not only am I using the RIGrunner, but I used about 5 relays throughout the system. The large Anderson connector is for connecting other accessories, such as solar or my portable air compressors.

I love beautiful connectors. :)

My switch panel install, lovely OE look.


To step up my communications game, I picked up a Yaesu FT-8900R and Larson NMO 2/70B antenna.



Final Touches


Since we modified the front bumper all the paint got removed. I considered for a good while powder coating the front bumper. But I scratched the hell out of it in Moab. So I decided the painting the bumper with a high-quality automotive paint might be a better idea. I etched the metal and used Eastwood Two Part Rat Rod Satin Black. I LOVE THE WAY it turned out. I also took the time to touch up my sliders, since they were scratched to hell and back also.

I finally got some new lights for the front bumper. Picked up a pair Baja Designs Squadron Sport S. They compliment the bumper very nicely.

And as you might have noticed, I replaced the front winch hook with a Factor55 Flatlink E. In safety orange of course.

Trolling IRL

To cap it all off, I had a set of these custom decals made to replace the White Knuckle logo on my sliders.

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Moab Testing

I frequent Moab quite a bit. So all this stuff needed some durability testing. And I can't think of a better place to test things, than a weekend trip to Moab. This past Labor Day, I took the family down to Moab to test all our new modifications. We were just there in May, so everything is was still fresh in our minds.

We had a great time camping, hiking, and rock crawling in this magical place.

I put together a fun little video of our time in Moab

Flexing on the Pickle!

The 37's made quick work of obstacles on Seven Mile Rim.


We tackled some new trails, and as far as I know, I am now the SECOND Power Wagon to have tackled the first obstacle on the PICKLE. And I'd just like to brag a little more, but this is one of the hardest trails in Moab.

Sadly, we went home with some damage when we got to the second obstacle and had to turn around. See the video of damage here:



Awesome. That rack is slick. The capability of these trucks considering their size is great. Good driving. Those 37's look just right.



Installed Thuren 1.5 inch front Hemi coils, Thuren Rear Trackbar, Thuren Boogie Rated Front Bumpstops and King Steering Stabilizer.

Is that King stabilizer the Thuren one? Just curious because on the Thuren website and Instagram pics I've only seen blue-logo King stabilizers, but those may also be older Thuren pics.

What stabilizer(s) did you have before, and can you qualify/quantify the improvement?

I have a Synergy-sourced Fox stabilizer that I'm looking to upgrade, as I don't think it has any special tuning, certainly nothing like what is available from Thuren.

Great progress, gorgeous truck and the forethought into that rack and everything else is exceptional!



The improvements and upgrades are looking sweet! Great thought into the additions to the truck, can't wait to start adding to mine..hows the bumper now that you cut the 2" off and redid the welds? It looks great painted up and will be easy touch up. Also I'm curious on the steering stabilizer improvement as well...mine has a slight pull to the right on the highway and has no issues with incorrect wear, only have 17k on stock, rotated tires that are wearing evenly, I'm thinking this would help. Congrats on the Moab trail conquering as well!

Looking awesome!