Body mounted step?


A body mounted ladder for my Ursa Minor has been on the “list” for ages, but have never gotten around to getting one fabricated.

Although now I’ve added a shovel / axe mount where the ladder would attach up top. So I’m starting to lean towards a single step to help boost me up.

The AEV corner rails ( ) are along the lines of what I’m thinking, but a) don’t need the corner guards (and don’t need to spend almost $600 for a couple steps), and b) I’d rather mount on the J30 shell to avoid drilling into sheet metal.

Any ideas?


Think I’ve answered my own question. Will know once the UPS man shows up. For anyone else thinking of something similar, found this behemoth:


when folded down it creates a 5 x 14” platform. So I get a step and a shelf all in one!


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This reminds me of the West Marine Catalogues from 40 years ago. I'm thinking many of their stainless steel products would suit an expedition vehicle.