Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers - Vendor Intro

Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers is proud to now be a Supporting Vendor on the Expedition Portal.
We build Expedition Teardrop Campers, specifically the BRX1. We are based in NC.
We have just launched our new brxtrailers website and are now offering a $1000 discount to all veterans and active duty service members as well as all active first responders, (Police, Fire, EMT).

We look forward to engaging in the conversation!


Very cool! We've seen you driving around the area a couple times. Nice looking setups.


I'm glad I got to look at your trailers at the expo. They look fantastic. Honestly the pics I've seen online don't do it justice. We are currently trying to plan a trip and going to berating the trailer that Rove rentals has of yours to see how we like having the teardrop. Its the first time I got the misses excited about having a trailer after she took a look at your trailer at expo east. If I convince her we will be seeing you shortly after.