Blackstone 1666


Does anyone use this model?

How has it held up?
Have you found a hard case for it, such as a storage bin?
I am not sure which that one is but I have 2 Blackstone gridles. A 22, 2 burner with a lid and a 17 inch 1 burner. They are great, my biggest issue is the weight. They are very heavy. My 17 inch is 30 pounds.


I thought I'd reply with a follow up.

My fam bought me this, and we used it on a 10 day "touristy" trip to Michigan's upper peninsula. It is indeed a 22" dual burner flat top grill. It weighs a lot (32 pounds) and does tend to drink up the propane. They make an adapter hose long enough to attach a 20 pound propane tank to the grill, with the grill on a table and the tank on the ground.

The advantage to this grill was indeed the dual burner. We had 8 people, and were able to make sure that all the food items for 8 people were prepared at the same time, so could eat our meals together, with all the food items present when we started eating. The dual burner also ensured things stayed hot. One burner can be used to simmer rather than fully cook.

Regarding fuel consumption, once the grill is hot, you can throttle back on the fuel to maintain the cooktop's heat. We discovered this when using it before the trip. We took a 20-pound propane tank with us (these fit in a milk crate, so buy one and use it to stabilize the tank and provide tie down points) and had well over half the tank left after 9 days. We cooked for EIGHT people, a total of 7 days on that trip (12 meals total).

Cleanup was very easy, and was able to be done quickly enough so the people cooking could join the people eating.

For travel, we had a soft shell bag for it, and placed it on top of a folding table. It went in the bed of my Jeep Gladiator, and stuff was packed around it to secure it. It remained functional the whole time, with approximately 1500 miles of travel. Of that, about 300 miles were dirt road and unimproved trail.

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